Let’s Bake A Cake!

Today I decided to give X some messy play to work on some fine motor skills. I gave him about 1 cup of dry cornmeal in a bowl. I mixed in 1 packet of kool aid (to add a fun “science” surprise!). I gave him a cup full of water, a mini whisk, a few spoons and one of his mini baking pans. He poured the water into the cornmeal. It turned pink and bubbly from the kool aid! Then he used his whisk to mix it all up. After mixing was complete he went to town scooping, spooning and transferring our “cake batter” into the various containers.
For an activity that took less then 2 minutes to set up, he had a TON of fun and worked on his fine motor skills while doing it!
I laid down a splat mat under his high chair to catch any spills, but he did a great job of keeping it all on his tray.