Yum yums: Starting Solids

While at the farmer’s market last week I discovered a 3 lb bag of “seconds” carrots (ie: ugly carrots) at my favorite organic stand, for a discounted price. I snatched them up, knowing they were destined for baby food.
I baked some and steamed most. I wanted to provide a variety of flavor and texture. My first steamed batch I used the food processor which made a “chunky” more grainy texture. Which will Probably be good once he gets used to eating, but not so much right when he starts off. The next steamed batch I put in the blender, which created the smooth, classic baby food texture. The baked carrots I put through the food processor as they’d been baked in olive oil and I planned to use them further along in his culinary adventures.
I froze everything in my Tovolo silicone ice cube trays, which make perfect 1 ounce cubes and stored them in well labeled freezer bags.

Things I learned:
-I need more then 2 cube trays. It took the baby food much longer to freeze then I expected. I shall be ordering more from amazon soon.
-when steaming veggies, don’t let the pot run out of water. It smells and makes a horrible mess of the pot.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to scout out some organic peaches as they’re in season. I’m going to have a freezer full before baby X even starts eating!




Om Nom Nom

Yesterday we took a very enjoyable trip to the farmers market. I excitedly purchased the raw milk farmers cheese we discovered last year but couldn’t have because I was pregnant. The size of the market and the number of vendors has increased so much since last season! Very exciting to see. I spoke briefly with the market manager about having a tent next year when I return from Maine. That means I need to get my craft on these next 11 months!
I purchased an all natural diaper cream that doesn’t negatively effect the absorbency nor stain cloth diapers. this inspired the purchase of 6 more cloth diapers. X is getting closer to being a fully cloth diapered baby every day.
I find the progress of the farmers market really promising. Moving here was difficult for me. Organic food is expensive and often hard to come by here. I couldn’t find a prenatal yoga class to take while I was pregnant. Locally owned shops and restaurants are scarce, being an area with mostly chain dining and big box mega stores. There’s a Starbucks on every corner, but I’ve only found one local coffee shop. This is all very different from the Eco and health conscious town I moved from in Maine where local business is thriving. But the farmers market gives me hope. The progress of downtown gives me hope as well. There are a few like minded people here and hopefully this community will thrive and grow.
All of the fresh produce was so beautiful. I must admit, I can’t wait for X to start eating solids. I’m going to make my own baby food and am really looking forward to coming up with recipes and seeing what he likes. He will be 4 months in less then 2 weeks, but I’m going to wait the 6 months. I know the health benefits of waiting. Who would have thought that after 28 years this little man would finally teach me patients.
Shortly I’m heading back to Maine for a year. X and I will be staying with my grandmother. They just started a new farmers market right across the street. As soon as I get there I’m going to start buying fresh, organic produce and filling the freezer with baby food. I’ll be sure to document my process once I start.