Tissue Paper Window Stars

This winter has been unseasonably warm, but also immensely gloomy. Our weeks have been filled with grey days and rain. When you add that to the shortened daylight hours it can be a little much. 

Our livingroom has four floor to ceiling walls, but with neighbors all around our floor to ceiling windows stay covered with floor to ceiling blinds. I’ve mourned the natural light I could have (but don’t) especially during these gloomy seasons. 

Finally I’ve thought of a way to block people’s view into my home while enjoying the natural light. As a bonus it adds color and interest to the room as well!

You often see these stars associated with Waldorf schools. They use kite paper, which is a beautiful, thick, colored wax paper. I didn’t have any kite paper on hand, but I did have some tissue paper from the dollar store, which worked surprisingly well. The only other tools you need are a glue stick and scissor or a rotar cutter.

Start by folding your tissue in half and cutting along the fold. Do this until you have 8 pieces that are all the same size. I prefer the way the star looks if your pieces are rectangles, but it will work if they’re squares as well.

Next fold a piece in half the long way.  

Then fold all of the corners towards the center. 

At the top, fold both sides in towards the center again (the picture is of one side done). 

Do that to all 8 pieces.

I attached mine with the folds against the window so they would stay nice and flat. I applied a small amount of glue to both points to adhere it to the window. I placed my first one with the top pointing towards the ceiling. Then I line up the bottom folded edge of the next piece with the center fold on the first. I do that all the way around, making sure the bottom points all meet in the center. 

Ta da! So bright and cheery! This would be really fun to do with kids elementary age or older and would be a great introduction to origami!

You can use any color tissue you like and experiment with using more then one color within a star. You can also change the size of the star by using different sized paper. 

Let me know what combinations you come up with! I’ll post more pictures once I get my windows done.